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Udiplomo sasidzo


JSC "Qartuli Pilmi"  

Duration: 9 Parts, 2464 M, 89 Min

Production Year: 1961 , Premiere: 25.08.1963


Director: Levan Khotivari
Screenplay: Revaz (Rezo) Ebralidze , Otar Razmadze , Levan Khotivari
Director of Photography: Lev Sukhov
Production Design: Otar (I) Litanishvili , Leri Kenchoshvili
Music: Bidzina (Aleqsandre) Kvernadze
Sound: A. Kisiсhkin
Editor: Vasili Dolenko

Bichiko an idler living with his mother in a tiny village is in love with Nani but her father doesn’t want anything to do with a man who has no education. In turn, he befriends the agronomist Nikoloz whom he considers his future son-in-law. Bichiko decides to kidnap Nani but he kidnaps her father by chance. The whole kidnap business proves beneficial for Bichiko for Nani’s father takes him as his only rescuer. Their brief relationship convinces Nani’s father that Bichiko is not as useless a person as he considered him before.