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Qalis tvirti


JSC "Qartuli Pilmi"  

Duration: 10 Parts, 2820 M, 102 Min

Production Year: 1957 , Premiere: 18.06.1958


Director: Nikoloz Sanishvili
Screenplay: Nikoloz Sanishvili
Director of Photography: Dimitri Feldman
Production Design: Mikheil Gotsiridze
Music: Sulkhan Tsintsadze
Sound: A. Shtegelmani
Editor: Vasili Dolenko

Ketevan Akhatneli shelters Zurab Gurgenidze, a revolutionary who broke free form prison, and becomes one of the ardent supporters of the revolution. The Akhatneli family consists of people with different political convictions. To save the life of her brother Keto marries Klimiashvili, a head of local gendarmerie. The latter suspects her of sympathizing the revolutionary movement and that’s when she has to decide whether or not to get rid of her own husband.