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JSC "Qartuli Pilmi"  

Duration: 9 Parts, 2492 M, 85 Min

Production Year: 1956 , Premiere: 19.06.1957


Director: Nikoloz Sanishvili
Screenplay: Aleqsandr Vitenzon
Director of Photography: Dimitri Feldman
Production Design: Leonid Mamaladze , Evgeni Machavariani , Tatiana Krimkovskaia
Music: Sulkhan Tsintsadze
Sound: A. Shtegelmani

Lia, notorious for her stinging tongue and an assertive, inquisitive character is known no other than the "annoyer". She works as a chauffer of the manager of the construction office, though she has to work for the manager’s wife as well. Lia is averse to taking the woman from one party to another. She quits her job and moves to the same position with Giorgi, a young architect. Unlike her previous boss, Giorgi listens intently to Lia’s comments with regard to construction related problems. Giorgi’s fiancé feels she has a new rival and decides to anticipate her wedding with Giorgi. Lia truly falls for Giorgi and ultimately wins his heart.