Prologi (Tsinatqma)

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Prologi (Tsinatqma)


JSC "Qartuli Pilmi"  

Duration: 3 Parts, 789 M, 29 Min

Production Year: 1986


Director: Zaza (Roin) Iluridze
Screenplay: Zaza (Roin) Iluridze , Mika Aleqsidze
Director of Photography: Paata Zhgenti , Giorgi Chelidze
Production Design: Gia Laferadze
Music: Levan Chkhartishvili
Sound: Konstantin Kuznetsov
Editor: Roza Jikaeva

A man staying in the hotel in one of the Georgian towns meets a boy. Their friendship seems like a good beginning for a boy but soon he finds out about his mother’s and his new friend’s love affair.