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Zgvis mashvralni


JSC "Qartuli Pilmi"  

Duration: 21 Parts, 5521 M, 199 Min

Production Year: 1986


Director: Edmon Seshan , Guram (Gizo) Gabeskiria
Screenplay: Jan–Klod Karer , Revaz (Rezo) Tabukashvili
Director of Photography: Gi Delarti
Production Design: Andre Jari , Dimitri Takaishvili
Music: tiso Even De
Sound: Arkadi Koltsat , Aleksandr Paradashvili , Yuri Rishkov
Editor: Lusi Lishtingi

Lethierry, goes bankrupt, sells his property and gives his last money to his friend Clubin dispatching him to purchase a vessel. Clubin appropriates part of the money. As a result the ship "Durande" which lacks the up-to-date mechanism wrecks on the way home. Lethierry promises that he will let his daughter Deruchette marry anyone who brings the ship ashore. Gilliat is as good as his word, but Deruchette is in love with pastor Ebenezer Caudray. The lovers furtively get married. Gilliat gives them his family ring and drowns himself in the sea.