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Banditi aguris qarkhnidan

Adventure /   

JSC "Qartuli Pilmi"  

Duration: 9 Parts, 2530 M, 91 Min

Production Year: 1983


Director: Giorgi (Gia) Mataradze
Screenplay: Levan Chelidze , Giorgi (Gia) Mataradze
Director of Photography: Nikoloz Sukhishvili
Production Design: Jemal Mirzashvili
Music: Vakhtang Kakhidze
Sound: G. Reisgofi
Editor: Gulnara (Guliko) Omiadze

Vaja, nicknamed as Pkhinko encounters the fighting youngsters while driving his dump truck. Vaja saves the beaten young man, takes them to the village and helps them to find a job in a brick factory. Unfortunately, soon an unpleasant event happens in the factory, - someone steals bricks. It turns out to be Jano, whom Vaja suspects in other crimes too. In the process of looking for Jano, Vaja meets an orphan girl, falls in love with her and invites her to Tbilisi. That’s when he finds out about the whereabouts of Jano. Vaja goes to the place of his hiding, attacks the thief and gets behind the bars. Before the hearings start, the policemen who are aware of Jano’s "deeds" agree to escort Vaja to Tbilisi where he has a rendezvous with his girlfriend.