Itsotskhle, genatsvale

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Itsotskhle, genatsvale


JSC "Qartuli Pilmi"  

Duration: 8 Parts, 2128 M, 77 Min

Production Year: 1981


Director: Tamaz Gomelauri , Vakhtang (Buba) Kikabidze
Screenplay: Vakhtang (Buba) Kikabidze , Tamaz Gomelauri
Director of Photography: Igor Amasiiski
Production Design: Jemal Mirzashvili
Music: Giorgi Tsabadze
Sound: A. Zilberniki
Editor: Julieta Bezuashvili

Four funny stories about the sense of hospitality of Tbilisi inhabitants. In one of the stories the main character takes down the wall of his house, puts it afloat in the river and hosts his guests on it.