Bakurkheveli khevsuri

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Bakurkheveli khevsuri


JSC "Qartuli Pilmi"  

Duration: 2 Parts, 572 M, 21 Min

Production Year: 1980


Director: Goderdzi Chokheli
Screenplay: Goderdzi Chokheli
Director of Photography: Nikoloz Sukhishvili
Production Design: Vaja Jalagania
Sound: Konstantin Kuznetsov
Editor: Zizo Qurkhuli

Bored by the monotonous life in the snowy mountains a Khevsur decides to entertain himself. He puts a round in his rifle, which may go off any second. He begins to scare the villagers with his rifle and even compels the elderly women play football. Finally he aims the rifle at himself. The rifle goes off. The sound of the shot revives the snowy mountains just for a split second.