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JSC "Qartuli Pilmi"  

Duration: 3 Parts, 852 M, 31 Min

Production Year: 1962 , Premiere: 03.12.1963


Director: Leila Gordeladze
Screenplay: Otia Ioseliani
Director of Photography: Igor Amasiiski
Production Design: Mamia Malazonia
Music: Feliqs (Pilipe) Glonti
Sound: Aleqsandr Galperin
Cast: M. Gordeladze (Natia) , I. Burchuladze (Bachua) , Meri Davitashvili (Tebro)

After his graduation Bichua is appointed chief of the working unit. Bichua visits his ailing schoolmate Natia, who is leading the unobtrusive life of a recluse. He assures Natia that she can convalesce. Bichua’s words inspire Natia. She musters all her moral stamina, puts up a fight to the illness and returns to the active life.