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JSC "Qartuli Pilmi"  

Duration: 9 Parts, 2373 M, 86 Min

Production Year: 1959 , Premiere: 1961


Director: Levan Khotivari
Screenplay: Irakli Chavchanidze , Grigol (Giga) Lortqifanidze
Director of Photography: Lev Sukhov
Production Design: Dimitri Takaishvili
Music: Bidzina (Aleqsandre) Kvernadze
Sound: A. Kisiсhkin
Editor: Vasili Dolenko

Japardize, an engineer, is sentenced to a long time imprisonment for the gross violation of the safety regulations causing catastrophe during the construction of the hydro power station. In the penitentiary Japardize leads the brigade of road workers. He helps many young people around, teaches them diligence and the honest way of life. When he gets out of prison, Japaridze learns that after his wife’s death his children were adopted by the prosecutor who sentenced him at the trial.