Qeto da Kote

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Qeto da Kote


Tbilisis Kinostudia  

Duration: 10 Parts, 2480 M, 90 Min

Production Year: 1948 , Premiere: 08.06.1953


Director: Vakhtang Tabliashvili , Shalva Gedevanishvili
Screenplay: Svimon (Siko) Pashalishvili
Director of Photography: Aleqsandre Digmelovi
Production Design: Ioseb Sumbatashvili , Farnaoz Lapiashvili
Music: Viqtor Dolidze , Archil Kereselidze
Sound: Aleqsandre Shugermani
Editor: Vasili Dolenko

Rich merchant Makar decides to marry his daughter, beautiful Keto, to another rich person. He sends the middle woman to Prince Levan but the latter doesn’t want to have anything in common with someone from the merchants’ circle. Nevertheless, the prince, too much bothered by his debtors, decides to take a look at the merchant’s daughter. Young Kote Keto’s secret lover who’s also the prince’s close relative seeks another middle woman, Khanuma’s help to prevent the prince from marrying Keto. That’s when Khanuma, dressed as Keto steps forward to help the young lovers.