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Duration: 2 Parts, 0 M, 14 Min

Production Year: 2003


Director: Giorgi Ugrelidze
Screenplay: Giorgi Ugrelidze
Director of Photography: Giorgi Ugrelidze
Editor: Zurab Qavtaradze
Producer: Erekle Ugrelidze

Pastoral. Extreme poverty, starvation, loneliness, estrangement between people and the family members, monotonous environment and absolute silence are shown in a quick succession of shots. The struggle for food between a human and a beast. No words. Morbid imaginations. Hard past restored in the dreams. Charity that gives birth to grave sin. Negligence of the father-children responsibilities. Moving against the life aft er the purifi catioin. Th e conscious suicide. The unforgiving graveyard.

Music compiled by: Zurab Qavtaradze