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Mshvidobit, Inesa !


JSC "Qartuli Pilmi"  

Duration: 2 Parts, 431 M, 16 Min

Production Year: 1972


Director: Irakli Asatiani
Screenplay: Revaz (Rezo) Ebralidze
Director of Photography: Levan Namgalashvili , Archil Pilipashvili
Production Design: Kakhi Khutsishvili
Sound: Feliqs Visotski
Editor: Manana Karalashvili

The agitated audience gives rapturous applaud to the actor who brings the house down for his fascinating performance of Knight Alonso’s role, where he sacrifices his life for his lover. After the performance the actor and his prompter go home by bus. The actor gets afraid of the bunch of hoodlums who start stalking the young women in the bus. The actor jumps from the bus and escapes. The aged prompter faces the stalkers and keeps them at bay.