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Otaraant qvrivi


JSC "Qartuli Pilmi"  

Duration: 8 Parts, 2158 M, 78 Min

Production Year: 1957 , Premiere: 28.09.1958


Director: Mikheil Chiaureli
Screenplay: Akaki Beliashvili , Mikheil Chiaureli
Director of Photography: Davit Kandelaki , Dimitri Feldman
Production Design: Leonid Mamaladze
Music: Sulkhan Tsintsadze
Sound: Sergei Zabozlaev

The only son of Otari’s widow decides to serve in the serf owner’s house. The mother is disturbed after getting the news that her son fell in love with his patron’s daughter Keso. Giorgi diligently serves Keso, but has no courage to reveal his feelings to her. In the end Giorgi falls from the top of the haystack and dies. Only before his death Giorgio tells Keso that he is in love with her. After some time Otari’s widow is found frozen on Giorgi’s grave.