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Jakos Khiznebi (2009)
Jakho’s Lodgers

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Feature Film , 11 Part (110 Minutes) 
TAIA Group ltd., TV Company ”Imedi”, Georgian National Film Center

Director: Davit Janelidze
Screenplays: Davit Janelidze, Vaja Gigashvili
Director of Photography: Giorgi Gersamia
Production Design: Jemal Mirzashvili 
Music: Davit Evgenidze
Sound: Paata Godziashvili
Editing: Nodar Nozadze
Cast: Temur Iantbelidze, Zaza Burchuladze (Teimurazi), Nato Murvanidze (Margo), Giorgi Nakashidze (Jako), Nestan (Nene) Kvinikadze, Boris Gulmagarashvili, Avtandil Guliashvili, Orbi Agniashvili, Zako Jincharashvili, Kako Keinishvili, Kako Zaalishvili, Avto Keinishvili, Mari Otarashvili, Dato Beriashvili, Zaza Zaalishvili, Magda Kanchelashvili
Ketevan Galdavadze

A blowing wind can become one of the main characters of the film.
A breeze, a storm, a light wind… They will serve as the visual basis of the film. One just has to envision the stern and straw yellow landscapes of Shida Kartli, one of the regions in Georgia, to grasp it the way we see it…
One can also view the main characters according to the wind types: Teimuraz is a light wind, Margo is a breeze and Jakho is a storm… Ultimately, the combination of these three characteristics results into the storm that will blow away all of them by the end of the film.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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