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Konfliqtis zona (2009)
Zone of Conflict

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Feature Film , 8 Part (80 Minutes) , HD
LTD Film Studio “Independent Film Project”, Georgian National Film Center
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Director: Vano Burduli
Screenplay: Irakli Solomanashvili
Director of Photography: Giorgi Beridze
Production Design: Kote Jafaridze 
Music: Niaz Diasamidze
Sound: Irakli Ivanishvili, Paata Godziashvili
Editing: Lali Kolkhidashvili

Gio from Tbilisi and Spartak, a sniper from Sokhumi met each other during the war in Abkhazia. A Georgian general charges Gio and Spartak with bringing shells from Azerbaijan (Karabakh) and take money necessary to buy shells from a manager of petroleum storage depot in Tbilisi. Gio gives Spartak an address of his friend Gogliko who can act as a guide for Spartak and help him to buy the shells.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center

  • (2009).

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