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Qutaiseli babua (2007)
Grandpa from Kutaisi

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Feature Film , 5 Part (45 Minutes) , Video 
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Director: Zaqaria (Zaza) Kolelishvili
Screenplays: Natia Gogochuri, Gizo Tavadze
Director of Photography: Davit Asatiani
Production Design: Zaqaria (Zaza) Kolelishvili 
Music: Roman Rtskhiladze
Sound: Avto Karashvili
Editing: Marina Kolkhidashvili
Cast: Naira Geladze (Natela), Davit (Japana) Khurtsilava (Bondoia), Gegi Paliani (Vache), Nia Khaniashvili (Mediko), Roman Rtskhiladze, Nikusha Rtskhiladze, Maka Shalikashvili (Gulo), Davit Roinishvili, Gogi Pruidze, Giorgi Pruidze, Avto Karashvili, Zaqaria (Zaza) Kolelishvili
Gocha Ichqitidze, Mamuka Chikhradze, Natia Gogochuri

The lyric comedy tells about a family from Kutaisi. In order to solve the financial problems, the wife and the daughter leave for Greece to work, while the husband and their twelve-year-old son stay at home. The daughter manages to get married to a Greek. Soon a grandson is born but the grandpa’s pride is hurt. He wants to attend the christening to his grandson at all costs and to take the prospective godfather along.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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