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Variatsia "Otelos" temaze (2003)
Variation on “Othello”

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Feature Film , 5 Part (44 Minutes) , DV Cam
TV Company ”Imedi”

Director: Merab Kokochashvili
Screenplay: Merab Kokochashvili
Director of Photography: Davit Gujabidze
Production Design: Giorgi (Gogi) Miqeladze 
Music: Nodar Mamisashvili
Sound: Tengiz (II) Maisuradze
Editing: Lali Kolkhidashvili, Beqa Gersamia

An amusing story about the unemployed young people trying to earn money in the gambling houses. Some of them are ready to sign up for anything, including blackmail a foreigner, which leads to a tragic end.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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