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Kavshiri (2005)

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Short Feature Film , 1 Part (7 Minutes) , DIGI-BETA
TAIA Group ltd.

Director: Davit Janelidze
Screenplay: Davit Janelidze
Director of Photography: Giorgi Beridze  
Music: Giorgi Tsintsadze
Sound: Boris Kvetenadze
Editing: Ketevan Galdavadze
Cast: Guram Tsibakhashvili
Ketevan Galdavadze

Rustavi is a city from Soviet times, specially built around a monstrous steel factory. A short history of a photographer and the dead beast. In short impressions large stories can be told. Rustavi and its factory tell a large story about the industrial history of the Soviet Union. Th is fi lm is just a small pinprick of the awareness of the world around us.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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