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Mezoblebi (2001)
The Neighbours

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Short Feature Film , 1 Part (3 Minutes) , Mini DV

Directors: Rusudan Pirveli, Vano Tvauri
Screenplays: Rusudan Pirveli, Vano Tvauri
Directors of Photography: Rusudan Pirveli, Vano Tvauri
Production Designs: Rusudan Pirveli, Vano Tvauri  
Sound: Madona Tevzadze 
Cast: Gia Gogishvili, Sandro Beriashvili, Levan Janelidze

One likes the sun, another – the moon, the third – who known… One does something, another makes something, while the third lives thinking of these two... and no one knows why.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center

  • (2001).

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