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Dzvirfaso M. (2000)
Dear M.

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Feature Film , 10 Part (95 Minutes) 
Callas Production Company

Director: Otar Shamatava
Screenplay: Lasha Tabukashvili
Director of Photography: Giorgi Beridze
Production Designs: Goсha Maisuradze, Otar Shamatava 
Music: Vinchentso Belini
Sound: Guram Gogua
Editing: Sophio Machaidze, Otar Shamatava

The story of Gio, a young Georgian, haunted by the voice of Maria Callas. This unusual phenomenon made him reject the pleasures of earthly life, leave his pregnant wife and friends.
Freedom, which is based on love…
Love, which is based on instinct…
Instinct, which is part of a song…
Song, which is based on voice…
Voice, which is Maria Callas...
Maria Callas, who is a Dear M.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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