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Midioda matarebeli (2005)
The train went on and on

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Feature Film , 8 Part (77 Minutes) 
JSC "Qartuli Pilmi", Georgian National Film Center

Director: Giorgi Shengelaya
Screenplays: Bidzina Kalandadze, Giorgi Shengelaya
Director of Photography: Nugzar Nozadze
Production Design: Nikoloz (Nikusha) Shengelaya 
Music: Nika Memanishvili
Sound: Paata Godziashvili
Editing: Paata Godziashvili

Story is about the Tbilisi-Batumi train which, due to the switchman's mistake, first arrives to the Abkhasian border and then to Chiatura in the north-west. Among the passengers there are dozens of conmen, each with a story of their own. Actually, the film covers the recent past of Georgia where corruption ruled, illegal business, tax evasion and setting each other up used to be common practice.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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