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Tsrupentela agmzrdeli (2011)
A Tall Story Teller

Has acquainted 2920 Visitors
Animation Film , 5 Part (52 Minutes) 
X-Form, Georgian National Film Center

Director: Davit (Teimuraz) Sikharulidze
Screenplay: Dodo Topuria 
Production Design: Giorgi (Gogi) Miqeladze
Animators: Giorgi Rekhviashvili, Viktor Tsiklauri, Ia Gigolashvili, Ketevan Buachidze    
Elene Mamulaishvili

The lonely oldshepherd named Tsikheli tells fairy stories to children. Children believe in his narration and imagine themselves as the heroes of these stories. They dream of visiting Tsikheli’s house to see all his magic things and get acquainted with the little wizard adopted by Tsikheli. The shepherd promises the children to take them to his place, but he never keeps his promise. The kids lose patience and decide to visit Tsikheli’s house themselves. But, on approaching the place, they discover only ruins covered with thorns. Tsikheli explains to the disappointed and desperate children that fairy tales and dreams come true only if kids have a great wish and desire. Afterwards Tsikheli begins to tell a new fairy tale.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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