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Erti nakhvit shekvareba (1975)
Love at First Sight

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Feature Film , Comedy, 9 Part, 2447 Meter (91 Minutes) 
JSC "Qartuli Pilmi"
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Director: Rezo Esadze
Screenplay: Bela Abramova
Director of Photography: Yuri Vorontsov
Production Design: Giorgi Kreposhev 
Music: Iakob Bobokhidze
Sound: Zurab Nadaraia, Genadi Korkhovoi
Editing: Lali Kolkhidashvili, L. Semionova

Murad, a Muslim guy brought up in the noisy yard of Tbilisi, falls in love with a Belorussian girl Anya, who lives in the same neighborhood, though Anya is impervious to Murad’s feelings. According with the Muslim custom Murad was betrothed in his cradle. After her mother’s death Anya moves to Belorussia. Murad can in no way forget his feelings for Anya and visits her in Belorussia after completing his service in the military, but Anya is already married.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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