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Sikharulis oda (2011)
Ode to Joy

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Documentary Film , 7 Part (70 Minutes) , 2K
X-Form, Associazione Culturale Tonino Guerra, Georgian National Film Center

Director: Mikheil Mrevlishvili
Screenplay: Mikheil Mrevlishvili
Director of Photography: Mikheil Mrevlishvili      
Besarion Dzanashvili, Mikheil Mrevlishvili

The participants of our movie are street musicians spread around the European countries. Each of them will perform on their own instrument a fragment from the "Ode to Joy" section of Beethoven’s 9th symphony. They will also tell stories about their countries, cities and streets. Our main objective is to collect these melodies (records) and stories as one single musical masterpiece. We make a movie about the European Union and see in this movie ordinary Europeans, who create the history of mankind, culture and try to win in the eternal fight between good and evil.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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