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Markozis Sakhareba (2004)
The Gospel According to Mark

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Documentary Film , 5 Part (52 Minutes) , Beta Cam
Studio "Mematiane"

Director: Ramaz (Buba) Khotivari
Screenplays: Ramaz (Buba) Khotivari, Irakli Papava
Director of Photography: Zurab Aduashvili
Production Design: Irakli Parjiani 
Music: Giorgi (Gogi) Chlaidze
Sound: Teimuraz Kukhianidze
Editing: Zurab Lashkhi 
Ramaz (Buba) Khotivari, Irakli Papava, Zurab Lashkhi

The artist Irakli Parjiani left an extremely impressive work of unique technique: he hand-wrote the canonical text of the Gospel of Mark and created highly original illustrations to each episode. Using the hitherto unexplored technologies known only to him, he gave a shade of age to the pictures and papers and bound them into a book. The film gives us the opportunity to follow the life of Jesus on the earth with the help of the text of the Gospel of Mark and the illustrations by Irakli Parjiani, which emit great spiritual charge.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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