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Kartuli Zarebi (2002)
Georgian Bells

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Documentary Film , 1 Part (9 Minutes) , Beta Cam
TV Company ”IX arkhi”

Director: Vladimer (Lado) Sulakvelidze
Screenplay: Vladimer (Lado) Sulakvelidze
Director of Photography: Iveri Beritashvili   
Sound: Teimuraz Kukhianidze
Editing: Zurab Lashkhi 

During the Russian rule, moulding church bells was forbidden in Georgia. Ready-made bells were brought from Russia. And now, 200 years later a group of Tbilisian artists have decided to mould bells in Georgia. Th e fi lm is about the moulders of bells, about their hard and respectable work.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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