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Meidani - Samkaros chipi (2004)
Meidan – the Navel of the World

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Documentary Film , 6 Part (52 Minutes) , DIGI-BETA
PS Pictures, "Studio 99", TV Company ”Imedi”, Georgian National Film Center

Director: Davit Janelidze
Screenplays: Davit Janelidze, Pieter Jan Smit
Director of Photography: Giorgi Gersamia  
Music: Giorgi Tsintsadze
Sound: khenti Maarten Van
Editing: Van Beesti Stela Van Voorst 
Pieter Jan Smit, Jana Sardlishvili, Otar Shamatava

Meidan is the centre of Old Tbilisi, where people of different nationalities social backgrounds and religions have lived for centuries, sharing their traditions with each other. Meidan can be seen as a symbol of the world, though it is only a tiny spots on our planet. In Netherlands the film was called "A Documentary Fairy Tale".

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center

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