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Mkhiaruli romani (1972)
Happy Romance

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Feature Film , Comedy, 7 Part, 1943 Meter (70 Minutes) 
JSC "Qartuli Pilmi"

Director: Levan Khotivari
Screenplays: Otar Razmadze, Anzor Saluqvadze, Levan Khotivari
Director of Photography: Dudar Margievi
Production Design: Dimitri Takaishvili 
Music: Giorgi Tsabadze
Sound: Rafiel Kezeli
Editing: Larisa Digmelova, Eter Tavadze

Dato is in love with Eka, cashier Ipolite’s daughter. Ipolite gets carried away by the idea that someone wants to rob him. He thinks that Dato is also a crook and tries to capture and hand him over to the police. Dato and Eka get married without Ipolite’s consent. Ipolite is all riled up to learn that Dato is his son-in-law. However, everything gets clear I the end. Dato and Eka go for the wedding trip.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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