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Didi mtsvane veli (1967)
Big Green Valley

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Feature Film , Drama, 9 Part, 2398 Meter (90 Minutes) 
JSC "Qartuli Pilmi"

Director: Merab Kokochashvili
Screenplay: Merab Eliozishvili
Director of Photography: Giorgi Gersamia
Production Design: Vasil Arabidze 
Music: Nodar Mamisashvili
Sound: Rafiel Kezeli
Editing: Julieta Tsotsonava
Cast: Dodo Abashidze (Sosana), Lia Kapanadze (Pirimza), Mzia Maglakelidze (Sofio), Ilia Bakakuri (Giorgi), Zurab Tseradze (Iotami), Guram Gegeshidze, Grigol Tkabladze, Sergo Sulava, Jumber Dzidzava, I. Bagaev, Giorgi Gelovani, Zurab Qapianidze

Sosana is a shepherd and lives the livelong days with his herd. He decides to bring his family to the field and teach his son how to take care of the herd. Unexpectedly, a group of geologists discover the oilfield in the pasture, meaning that there would be oil wells set up right there were Sosana’s herd was. The collective farm demands that Sosana hand over his herd to the farm. Sosana’s private life is also in disarray. His wife leaves. The shepherd cannot come to terms with the changes. He wants to live the way his ancestors did and wishes to be buried by their side. With no family and with no herd Sosana is wandering in the snowy field in quest of the lost herd.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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