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Giorgobistve (1966)
Falling Leaves (November)

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Feature Film , , 8 Part, 2679 Meter (79 Minutes) 
JSC "Qartuli Pilmi"
The first display on the screen was held 01.05.1968 Year

Director: Otar Ioseliani
Screenplay: Amiran Chichinadze
Director of Photography: Abesalom Maisuradze
Production Design: Dimitri Eristavi 
Music: Natela Ioseliani
Sound: Shalva Chitidze, Evgeni Massi 

Niko and Otar are assigned to work at the winery. Ambitious Otar becomes subservient to the director of the winery from the beginning, whereas Niko stands up against the illegal activity in the winery. He opposes the unlawful drain of the alcohol and the bottling of the adulterated wine in order to fulfill the plan. For that purpose Niko adds to the wine a cleaning chemical and hampers its bottling. The director and his corrupt subordinates get indignant, but refrain to punish Niko.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center

  • (1968).

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