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Khevisberi Gocha (1964)
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Feature Film , 9 Part, 2446 Meter (88 Minutes) 
JSC "Qartuli Pilmi"
The first display on the screen was held 1965 Year
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Director: Nikoloz Sanishvili
Screenplays: Nikoloz Sanishvili, Archil Sulakauri
Director of Photography: Feliqs Visotski
Production Design: Revaz Mirzashvili 
Music: Revaz Lagidze
Sound: Vladimer Dolidze 

On his wedding day, Gugua picks his friend Onise as his groom friend but Onise and Dzidzia, Gugua’s fiancée fell in love the moment they meet. Meanwhile, village gets ready for a fight against the merciless feudal Nugzar Eristavi. Onise is entrusted to let the others know when enemy appears but he misses them for he is having a meeting with Dzidzia. When the fight is over, people want the traitor to be punished and Onise is ready to accept it but his father Gocha, head of the community, humiliated by his son’s behavior takes his own life.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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