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Rene midis Holivudshi (2010)
Rene goes to Hollywood

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Feature Film , 10 Part (101 Minutes) 
Georgian National Film Center, LTD Film Studio “Independent Film Project”

Director: Aleqsandre (Aleko) Tsabadze
Screenplay: Aleqsandre (Aleko) Tsabadze
Director of Photography: Konstantine (Mindia) Esadze
Production Design: Giorgi (Gogi) Miqeladze  
Sound: Paata Godziashvili 

Renee Dadiani, in his mid-thirties, wearing a frayed jacket and a nervous, hounded look, goes to see a doctor. No, he is not a patient, he says immediately, he just wants an answer to the question: "How can I alter my consciousness to enhance my imagination?" Only one form of psychoanalysis can be considered for this, replies the doctor. There is no mental training for this, "only if you ignore reality and try to channel your thoughts desirably." As a video lecturer at a film school, Renee tries to put this into practice in a theory of the absurd.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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