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Omshi kvela kvdeba (2008)
Everybody Dies in the War

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Short Feature Film , 1 Part (10 Minutes) 
Cinetech, JSC "Qartuli Pilmi"

Director: Giga Liklikadze
Screenplay: Giga Liklikadze
Directors of Photography: Guri (Guka) Goliadze, Giorgi (Gega) Chantladze
Production Design: Akaki Jashi  
Sound: Tamta Mandzulashvili 
Cast: Davit Iashvili, Sandro Lortqifanidze, Dato Toroshelidze, Vako Mandzulashvili, Nodar Khutsishvili
Irakli Bagaturia, Nikoloz (Nika) Abramishvili

The boys are drinking beer in the forest and shooting bullets at empty bottles. A man approaches them, who is a former soldier and explains that shooting and war is bad. The boys offer beer to the man. He is an authoritative person for them because he has been in the war. At the end of the film we can see that the war is really bad – it kills everybody.

Translation was provided by The Georgian National Film Center


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