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Jujunas mzitevi (1934)
Jujuna's Dowry

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Feature Film , Comedy/Mute, 7 Part, 2200 Meter (79 Minutes) 
JSC "Sakhkinmretsvi"
The first display on the screen was held 23.08.1934 Year

Director: Siko Palavandishvili
Screenplay: Siko Palavandishvili
Director of Photography: Vladimer Poznan
Production Design: Shalva Mamaladze    
Cast: Aleqsandra Toidze (Jujuna), Ilia Mamforia (Galaqtion), Giorgi Gabelashvili (Varden), Arkadi Khintibidze, Pavle Jalagania (Manager of farm), Kirile Macharadze (Old smith), Kika Khintibidze (Boy), Davit Alavidze (Collective farmer), Ketevan Andronikashvili (Aunt of Jujuna), Vladimer Dolidze, Aleqsandre Lortqifanidze, Aleqsandre Alaznispireli (Onise), Elene Chokheli

Varden, a poor peasant decides to find a rich fiancée but in vain. Following Galaktion, his rich neighbor’s advice, he attempts a horse theft but fails and nearly escapes death. Thanks to Jujuna, his other neighbor, he finds job at the village’s blacksmith. His diligent attitude towards work gives him another chance to find a life companion.

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